About Akola

Akola also known as the “Cotton City” lies in the Vidarbha Region in the State of Maharashtra India.
Widely known for its cotton produce Akola is well acquainted to the people for its Lintel (Pulses) & soya Bean processing units.
Akola district has an area of about 54.31 square kilometers and population of 1,629,305(2001 census) Marathi is the most popular spoken language, English though and Hindi are also used.
Akola District is bordered on the north and east by Amaravati District, on the south by Washim District, and on the West by Buldhana District.
Akola in the day of history is famously known for the Battle of Argaon (or Adgoan near Akot) in took place on the 28th of November 1803 between the British under the command of Governor Arthur Wellesley and the forces of Maratha under Bhonsle of Nagpur during second Anglo-Maratha war.
In the third Anglo-Maratha War, the last Peshawa Bajirao II, was defeated by the British in 1853, Akola District together with the rest of Berar came under the administration of the British East India Company. Berar was divided into East and West Berar with Akola district being included in West Berar was leased to the Nizam of Hyderabad by British East India Company in return of the debt.
After India gained its Independence in 1947, the states and provinces were recognized in 1956.Berar was divided among different states. Akola became a part of the new Maharashtra State.