Azzuro Bar

The Azzuro bar is located on the first floor of a hotel adjacent to the entire restaurant making it an ideal place to sit & drink for relax. The Azzuro bar also serves an all day drinking facility. Here you can enjoy a great meal & select from a range of wines, whiskeys, vodakas, rum, beers & much more. The Azzuro bar is great place to sit after a long day with friends & business associates.

Bon Bonne  

"We are welcoming & love to serve” healthy & tasty food. This is evident through our regional products, specialty supplies & chefs that one their work. Bon bonne restaurant offers a creative approach for serving multi cuisines in a contemporary setting. Each cooked dish is prepared in a choice of yours with original flavor & fresh ingredients.

Roof Top

The roof top restaurant provides a truly unique drinking experience for both of our guests eating under a natural roof of stay. Here you can order the no. of choices of your meals you can enjoy you diving at natural roof of the sky with more comfortable sitting.

Wind Chimes   

Welcome to the all new family restaurant for food lovers.
We believe that eating out is not just about good food rather it is a wholesome experience that must satiate the mind body & soul. This is why we serve only The best in quality Indian /oriental & multi cuisines in an atmosphere that is Stylish swanky & suitable for all ages eating under a natural roof of sky With soft music adding to the mood is an unforgettable dinning experience indeed! As name suggests you can enjoy the fully city view under the wind in open sky with the mesmerizing sound of chimes. when you dining at the wind chimes is an unforgettable experience.